Francis Condos

1727 Francis St.

Francis High Resolution MainExterior.jpg
Francis is one of our only renovation project. Located in the heart of Philadelphia's Francisville neighborhood, this address had it all - wide street frontage, depth of both building and land, large square footage, and even a huge tree in the backyard. But most important was the location - Francis street runs on a 45˚ angle from southwest to northeast, and the building is situated right in the middle of the block, enjoying panoramic views of the spectacular city skyline. But while the geographic conditions were perfect, the existing architectural features did not take any advantage of them. It would have been a disaster of epic proportions to allow for the incredible view to waste away behind drywall brick and lumber. So even though altering the exterior street elevation was not our initial intention, we increased the budget to include the demolition and removal of a huge square segment in the middle of the exterior wall facing the city. Discarding the old pip-hole windows, we installed two 6' tall operable windows on each of the second and third floors, along with a large 6' tall by 6' wide picture window in between. It did the trick - the effect was breathtaking both from the inside and outside! Multi family building with 3 residential units, and a total of 3,200 square feet of indoor space.